Diary of a Wimpy Kid #3: The Last Straw Award-winning author by Jeff Kinney (author) (UK edition)

The Last Straw

Suitable for 9 - 10 years

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Disaster! Greg’s dad, Frank, has had enough of having a wimp for a son! He’s decided it’s time to toughen Greg up and make him much less, well, wimpy. All manner of “manly” physical activities are planned, but Greg just about manages to sneak out of them. But when he hears the dreaded words “military academy”, how on earth will Greg get out of this fix? The third hilarious comic-strip diary in a No. 1 bestselling series.

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589 in EU Primary May 2024


Diary of a Wimpy Kid (book 3)







Date published

August 6th, 2009

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Accelerated Reader

AR book level: 5.4; Middle years; 3.0 points

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  • 224 pages



UK edition

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Jeff Kinney

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  1. Ellie
    on 20 April 2010

    the last straw

    I loved the book. It was sooooooooo funny. Everymorning i woke up and read this book, i read i at school when we were supposed to be working! I couldnt put it down. I am looking forward to gettind the other books. I really want Roderick Rules. Also i want the just do it yourself book it looke brill. I also want all the other i.e Dogs poo and diary of the wimpy kid

    5 out of 5
    on 2 April 2010


    It was funny and I like all the books.the way greg is I think is cool.thats why I voted 5 in a half stars I would of voted 5 but I have and havent realy see the books I just haven't seen the first book.


    4 out of 5

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What kids think

  1. Slothgirl
    on 20 August 2018

    I love this book, you should totally lol because I did. This book is awesome!!!! I recommend it to everyone. I would now like to read book 4 (dog days) because people say that is amazing to.

    5 out of 5
  2. Footballfan77
    on 31 March 2018

    i found this book really funny and i loved it when Rodrick locked him out hahahahaha!!!

    5 out of 5
  3. waffles4evr
    on 13 December 2017

    I would love to read this book cause it sounds really funny and cause I like books with pictures

    5 out of 5
  4. choc6426
    on 24 June 2017

    I would really like to read this book. It sounds great. Although I have read Diary of a wimpy kid the first book.

    5 out of 5
  5. nifeMI6753
    on 11 August 2016

    This book is the best AWESOME!!! It is also very entertaining you’ve got to read this book

  6. Milogirl
    on 26 August 2015

    Awesome!!!!!!! U must read this book… U’ll 💘 this diary book very much.😘

    5 out of 5
  7. lucy43
    on 16 August 2015

    i have already read this book it is really funny in the beginning

    5 out of 5
  8. Cutiedogs
    on 22 May 2015

    This was hailrious

    5 out of 5
  9. manie123
    on 9 April 2015

    I love this book ‘cause Jeff Kinney is a really is a good Author and its like a comic strip plus its very creative ; -D

    5 out of 5
  10. honey34
    on 8 January 2015

    this book is really funny

    5 out of 5
  11. ikram12341
    on 6 November 2014

    Everything Greg seems to do has hilarious consequences and his family are very funny. In this book it is summer vacation and even though it is nice and hot Greg insists on staying inside hooked up to his video games with the blinds drawn. His mother is tired of Greg being lazy and decides that this summer should be fun and packed with family activities.

    This book was very good. My favourite character has to be Greg as he can be horrible but the audience always roots for him anyway! I really like the part when Greg’s mum is forgotten by the whole family at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere – it is hilarious.

    I recommend this book to readers around 10-13 who enjoy reading as it is quite easy to read, but it has some challenging words as well.

    I give this a big 5/5 because I enjoyed reading it so much.

    4 out of 5
  12. icecream2020
    on 16 September 2014


  13. caddybou
    on 14 July 2014

    really funny

    4 out of 5
  14. Pati12
    on 30 May 2014

    it very cool can you let me read it

  15. DragonRoad14
    on 30 April 2014

    I think that you should add the whole book cause I want to finish the book😜. And the book is awesome I hope Jeff Kinney makes more. 👍

    1 out of 5
  16. readinglover369
    on 14 April 2014

    I like this book. Greg kinda reminds me of a dork Too

    4 out of 5
  17. bee100xxx
    on 9 March 2014

    Greg’s, Dad has had enough of having a wimp for a son and threatens Greg to go to Military Academy if he doesn’t “man up”! How on earth will Greg get his Dad to change his mind?...

    5 out of 5
  18. Roodieroo
    on 8 March 2014

    I Loved this book

  19. sedju
    on 8 March 2014

    greg and rowley are cool i hope there is more books

    5 out of 5
  20. zippy123
    on 8 March 2014

    Such a funny book. I would recommend getting it

  21. Leahka99
    on 8 March 2014

    It was a great book i think u should read it if u haven’t yet

    5 out of 5
  22. AngelofDeath
    on 7 March 2014

    Love this book especially the part where Greg tries to please his dad so he doesn’t get send off to spag union.

  23. Spidergirl
    on 6 March 2014

    I love all wimpy kid books my fav charecter is Greg his funny

    4 out of 5
  24. lilliepad1502
    on 6 March 2014


  25. Venera2
    on 4 March 2014

    Really cool!

    5 out of 5
  26. Sushi21
    on 4 March 2014

    I found it funny when Rodrick tricked Greg into walking outside only in his underpants!

    5 out of 5
  27. Helen511
    on 4 March 2014

    best book ever sooooo funny!!!!

    5 out of 5
  28. Cheerforevers
    on 4 March 2014

    This is the third book and Greg wants to try and make himself more manly.

  29. Blair5182
    on 25 January 2014

    I got this book from my school library and I think Jeff Kinney has a great imagination and all characters are really funny

    5 out of 5
  30. RTJ
    on 16 November 2013

    I love this book soo much!!! This is soo cooooool !!!!!!!!!!!! My favaorite characters are greg heffley holly hills. My favaorite book is diary of a wimpy kid : last straw

    5 out of 5
  31. tweetiepie66
    on 12 October 2013

    i like this book so far but i half way through

  32. Booklover00
    on 21 July 2013

    I think this book is fun to read and interesting. When I fist herd about Jeff Kinney’s work I started to read and I really enjoyed the first one then he brought out more diary of a wimpy kids so I have read up to the last straw. It is very funny. And I think that Jeff Kinney deserved to be author off the week he is a fantastic author and as fantastic ideas so that’s what I think off Jeff Kinney’s work and the past straw is amazing SO far!

    5 out of 5
  33. cuddlypear
    on 2 June 2013

    The last straw is filled with humour. Jeff Kinney always does a wonderful job writing as Greg. This is my second favorite book in the series. As a middle school student I can tell you that about sixty percent of all middle school students think fifty percent like Greg Heffley.

    4 out of 5
  34. anna6
    on 23 March 2013

    this book is really nice because i like raeding diary book Do you to????

    5 out of 5
  35. lulillyno
    on 10 March 2013

    i badly want to get this book.

  36. xxChocolateBoxGirlxx
    on 9 March 2013

    I think this book is very very funny.especially the cartoons.The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are the best anyway.I hope that youll enjoy reading them too :D

  37. thunderball72
    on 9 March 2013

    Great book!Love it!

  38. Nashdasher
    on 8 March 2013

    A very funny book I would recommend it to all my friends it’s great.

  39. KarlMagic33
    on 7 March 2013

    Really Good!

  40. lmdrld
    on 7 March 2013

    How will greg get out of militairy academy.

  41. ellie-melay27
    on 6 March 2013

    i give this book a 5/5 because it is very funny and i can relate to some things in this book. i enjoyed this book thoroughly and i hope you do too. i recommend this to you too! XD

  42. Helloioioi
    on 6 March 2013

    this is a great book.

  43. rockstar101
    on 6 March 2013

    i love diary of the wimpy kid especially this one

  44. Silverlovesme
    on 6 March 2013

    I really enjoyed this book. i think Jeff Kinney is an amazing writter when it comes to comedy. The illustrations are fabulous. Deffinately one to read

    5 out of 5
  45. bugzy72
    on 6 March 2013

    its a good book

  46. lids
    on 4 March 2013

    a bit young for me but good

    3 out of 5
  47. Magicme11
    on 4 March 2013

    Its the weirdest one yet O_O.

    4 out of 5
  48. natashakrywald
    on 4 March 2013


    5 out of 5
  49. maddie2073
    on 25 February 2013

    its cool

    4 out of 5
  50. TaliaB
    on 18 December 2012

    I think that this book was good, but it’s not the best Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Anybody that’s read the Last straw I would love to hear from you because I really want to read that book.

  51. Elsiebells
    on 2 November 2012

    Iv’e read all the others so this should be good

  52. Gangsta38
    on 1 October 2012

    It was a good Wimpy kid book i’ve read all the books and this wasn’t the worst

    4 out of 5
  53. LEO522
    on 20 August 2012

    THIS is a great book

    5 out of 5
  54. Astrid774
    on 31 July 2012

    I think this book is great it’s cool- REALLY cool and for children 8 and over if you haven’t read to tell you something secret. 8 and overs, look carefully. Do you want to win a fantastic diary of a wimpy kid: dog days kit? Well 8 and overs, listen up. All you do is you have to know the main characters name. It is Greg. Go to “win stuff”, click the dog days kit. The rest is up to you!!!

    5 out of 5
  55. thestickthing
    on 29 June 2012

    The whole series are good

  56. lolosowy59
    on 23 June 2012


    3 out of 5
  57. migit1
    on 3 March 2012

    i really want to read this!

    all the wimpy kid books are great

  58. hamy1710
    on 3 March 2012

    very good

  59. sweethart184
    on 2 March 2012

    soooo funny

  60. superskiboy
    on 2 March 2012

    The Last Straw is a hilarious book about Greg Heffley. I have read the whole series and think that they are great! This one is funny because Greg’s dad tries to make him do loads of activities Greg doesn’t want to do, and Greg’s reaction in his diary is an original idea.

  61. Bookworm81
    on 1 March 2012

    The funniest wimpy kid book especially how Greg is distracted when playing football.

  62. kola5689
    on 1 March 2012

    It’s a truly amazing book, I have read it several times this is my favourite book out of the Wimpy Kid collectin so far. Jeff Kiney is a FANTASTIC author he captures the true meaning of being a young boy who struggles with life. Love it xx

    5 out of 5
  63. salimisra
    on 29 February 2012

    another amazing book from jeff kinney, greg needs to toughen up as he is a wimp otherwise his dad will send him to milatary school this is a cool book

    5 out of 5
  64. Bromdon
    on 26 February 2012

    THE best ever book

  65. meltdown
    on 3 February 2012


  66. nikstow
    on 28 January 2012

    the best dairy of a wimpy kid book

    5 out of 5
  67. Diaryofme
    on 22 January 2012

    Top ten books ever period.

    5 out of 5
  68. TootieFruityBookWorm
    on 16 January 2012

    I finished reading this book a couple of months ago and i absoloutley loved it !!! I have read the red, blue and green one and am now reading the yellow and the last straw had to be my favorite. It was filled with comedy and humor and funny hand drawn sketches and i absoloutley love the diary style. I love reading about all of the mischief Greg, Rowley and his friends get up to and i really recommend this book to any people who love to read comedy and have read and enjoyed the previous diary of a wimpy kid books.

    5 out of 5
  69. cutepup
    on 9 January 2012

    i love diary of the wimpy kid because i think it just rocks.

  70. pawprint2
    on 28 December 2011

    I love this book!!

  71. GregHeffley86
    on 5 December 2011

    This was alright but not as good as the last two.

    3 out of 5
  72. CaoimheDiva
    on 5 June 2011

    Well if you would like to read this book you should read the other ones first!!

  73. flossy1998
    on 31 May 2011

    a mazing

    5 out of 5
  74. mya7878
    on 26 May 2011

    these Diary of a wimpy kid books keep getting better and better!


    4 out of 5
  75. pup4me
    on 24 May 2011

    i liked it

    5 out of 5
  76. candyfloss55
    on 18 May 2011

    it is one of my fav bocks it is so funny I could not stop reading it 1 bad point is it needs too be longer L0L

  77. Fifi44
    on 8 May 2011

    this is my second fav wimpy kid book VERY VERY VERY FUNNY

    5 out of 5
  78. yamato
    on 24 March 2011

    This book was hilarious. I devoured this book as fast as I devour a bar of chocolate!

    5 out of 5
    on 24 March 2011


  80. Funkyboy9
    on 3 March 2011

    Oh dear. Gregs really not made for sport. His Dad makes him try out for football but he is more interested in blowing danndylions.

    5 out of 5
  81. Clockwise-Air
    on 3 March 2011

    This book is fantastic why why wouldnt you read this. GO GO DIARY OF WIMPY KID. CLOCKWISE-AIR

    5 out of 5
  82. Lolo95
    on 3 March 2011

    Yes super funy reading I love the stories please bring out more cant wait to laugh at the silly things all over again.

  83. aishah1234
    on 24 February 2011

    I adored this book after reading the immense features Jeff Kinney uses to make Greg seem real. The more Greg seems sad and his life is more depressing the more the reader will enjoy this book. I would give this book 10/10.

  84. lewismichie
    on 6 February 2011

    great book and very funny too

    5 out of 5
  85. Cleosly
    on 5 December 2010

    It great and funny thats all really

    5 out of 5
  86. popgirl
    on 15 October 2010

    Diary of a wimpy kid is a huge sucsess I really like the part where Rowley eat the cheese and just whilsted. It is very very funny. I think it is very creative. Congratulations to Jeff Kinney.

    5 out of 5
  87. drwho11
    on 2 June 2010

    the book is sooooooooooocool

    5 out of 5
  88. reannafosterbff
    on 25 May 2010

    this book was fantastic you have to try reading this !!!!!!!!!

    4 out of 5
  89. Prettyprincess1
    on 12 May 2010

    That book is really funny its really fun when he gets woken up by his dad then he has a nap when his dad has gone it hilourous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 out of 5
  90. lillyshak
    on 6 May 2010

    OMG! The first two diary’s a wimpy kid made me LOL but this one is the best yet! 5 star book

    5 out of 5
  91. kh75
    on 6 May 2010

    This book is the best book I have read from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

    5 out of 5
  92. videogamebook
    on 30 April 2010

    I want to read this!!!

  93. HCK
    on 23 April 2010

    The Last Straw is the funniest book I have ever read. This is the best one yet!!

    5 out of 5
  94. bananajoe
    on 15 February 2010

    good. love it and so will u

    5 out of 5
  95. molru
    on 15 February 2010

    This book is very interesting and i laughed my head off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 out of 5
  96. alpacaben
    on 11 October 2009

    this book is good for about 9 or 10 years old and it is really funny. I would recomend this book for people who like cartoon diaries.READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 out of 5
  97. luv2read69
    on 13 September 2009

    i loved it and the other two i got the do it yourself book and that is good too Jeff Kinney is one of my fave authors and his books are great

    5 out of 5
  98. wk12345
    on 5 September 2009


    5 out of 5
  99. dalek6
    on 15 August 2009

    If you love the Diary of a wimpy kid series you’ll love the third installment. In this book Greg gets trapped out his hotel room only wearing underwear and his dad might be sending him to a boarding school. Join Gereg on his 3rd Year of middle school in this very funny book!

    5 out of 5
  100. saf234
    on 8 August 2009

    This boo is sooooooooooo Cool and good. I fully enjoyed it and would recomend this book to mainly boys bu girls if you very adventures and take most things as a joke.you are best to red this book at the age of 9-14

    5 out of 5