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Tom Gates #1: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates Award-winning

by Liz Pichon (author) (UK edition)

Suitable for 9 - 12 years

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Product description

The place where it all started! Tom’s epic first book, now with colour-in spines! Welcome to the brilliant world of Tom Gates. Or rather, welcome to Tom’s battered homework diary, where he writes down all the funny stuff that happens to him. Who is Tom? A naughty schoolkid with a talent for doodling (and for making you laugh till your sides go ouch). Nobody takes Tom seriously. Not his grumpy sister, Delia. Not his parents. And DEFINITELY not his angry teacher, Mr Fullerman, who thinks Tom is a total waste of space. But Mr Fullerman has things VERY WRONG. Tom Gates is a TOTAL FUNNY STAR!

  • Tom’s massive first book – the place where it all started
  • Roald Dahl Funny Prize and Red House Award winner!
  • Bursting with laugh-out-loud humour and cool cartoons
  • Sensationally popular series: over 2 million copies sold


Product Details


Tom Gates (book 1)







Date published

April 7th, 2011

Lexile measure

650L Lexiles are the global standard in reading assessment. They are unique as they are able to measure a child and a book on the same scale – ensuring the right book gets to the right child at the right time.

For more details see What is a lexile?.

Accelerated Reader

AR book level: 4.0; Middle years; 2.0 points

Other details
  • 256 pages


UK edition



Liz Pichon

21599 liz pichon 1 1050044


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What kids think

  1. Ef castle thumb 2

    on 8 June 2019

    I loved this book so much I bought it out of my birthday money in fact all my birthday money was spent on books xxxxxxx

    4out of 5
  2. Bellasara 113282

    on 3 June 2019

    I loved this book it was so good.I coudn’t stop reading it.

    5out of 5
  3. Evie 113313

    on 5 April 2019

    This book was awesome!!! I have read it twice because I really loved it! The jokes, how the story in the book is told makes this book the best book I read so far!!! I recommend others to read this amazing book!!!

    5out of 5
  4. Ef castle thumb 2

    on 7 March 2019

    A great book

  5. Hayley 113303

    on 18 November 2017

    my class loved this book

    5out of 5
  6. Ef castle thumb 2

    on 7 February 2017

    Brilliant! I really enjoyed this book it is the best!

    5out of 5
  7. Percy 112876

    on 25 December 2016

    These books are good

  8. Default avatar

    on 3 December 2016

    This is an amazing book from what i have read so far and i would recommend to anyone ages 6-18 and i am not just recommending this book all of the tom gates books

  9. Bellasara 113282

    on 25 October 2016

    I enjoyed this book and I think other people may find it interesting.

    5out of 5
  10. Bellasara 113282

    on 6 August 2016

    good book for 9 10 11 year olds

    5out of 5
  11. Love stargirl 113412

    on 20 May 2016

    i really liked it.

    5out of 5
  12. Avatar cleopatra 761742

    on 17 May 2016

    It was really funny!!!

    1out of 5
  13. Petula 113689

    on 17 May 2016

    This book is highly addictive and hilarious!

    5out of 5
  14. Ef dragon thumb 5

    on 25 March 2016

    A brilliant book for big readers . I could never stop reading it .

    5out of 5
  15. Gruffalo 113679

    on 19 February 2016

    COOL BOOK!!!!!!!!!! NICE

    5out of 5
  16. Hayley 113303

    on 29 November 2015

    it is soo good i love tom gates it is so adicting book will give it 10 out of 10

    4out of 5
  17. Bellasara 113282

    on 15 November 2015

    This book is amazing I definitely recommend this book. booklover2015

    5out of 5
  18. Bellasara 113282

    on 9 November 2015

    This book is really funny and shows how Tom Gates just about gets through some of his problems. This first book is like a beginners guide to everything that Tom likes and dislikes from caramel wafers to Marcus Mildrew. I love Liz Pichon’s way of writing at the illustrations suite exactly what things look like as well. I would recommend this book to ages 7yrs – 14yrs.

    5out of 5
  19. Avatar owl 761790

    on 31 October 2015

    I think this book would be excellent for all aged children I think they will find it hilarious!!!

    5out of 5
  20. Horridhenry thumb 16

    on 24 September 2015

    its really good i would reccomade it online or save up for the book if you dont like reading and at school the techers want you to get this book and the techers will be susprised.

  21. Horridhenry thumb 16

    on 2 September 2015

    this book is epic he go’s to a dude 3 conset and gets better thn vip tickits but marcus is allways there dun dun dun ps cheack out my youtube channel

    5out of 5
  22. Avatar owl 761790

    on 5 July 2015

    Very funny book really like this.

    4out of 5
  23. Avatar owl 761790

    on 26 June 2015

    I liked this book because it was funny and i liked all of the different drawings in the book. I like Tom because he is good at drawing doodles .

    5out of 5
  24. Bellasara 113282

    on 19 June 2015

    awesome book read it on my kindle now my brother has got the full book want to know how he finds it cause i loved it

    4out of 5
  25. Hungry cat thumb 231

    on 15 May 2015

    it is funny it makes me laugh. all must read it.

    5out of 5
  26. Avatar owl 761790

    on 7 May 2015

    Loved it I love all Tom Gates books and think everyone should read them. I have read them about 10 times each and still not bored.

    5out of 5
  27. Default avatar 807810

    on 23 April 2015

    I love this book it is so good and fun to read

    5out of 5
  28. Fairy thumb 11

    on 21 April 2015

    It is one of the greatest books you could imagine.

    You would love to read this book

  29. Default avatar

    on 28 March 2015

    this is the best book i have ever read its funny and teaches you cool things

    5out of 5
  30. Evie 113313

    on 22 March 2015

    I absolotly love tom gates

  31. Default avatar

    on 24 February 2015


  32. Goldie 113308

    on 10 February 2015

    Amazing! Literally, everyone should read this book then move on to #2 then #3 ext. Very humourous, emotive and highly attractive. Seriously, was and still is the best series of books I’ve ever read.

    2out of 5
  33. Evie 113313

    on 5 February 2015

    Tom Gates is GREAT! Just sooo awesome and funny. 😄

    5out of 5
  34. Fairy thumb 11

    on 14 January 2015

    This is just full of comedy and humor

    5out of 5
  35. Avatar owl 761790

    on 29 September 2014

    I loved the book since I have seen the cover of it. I was stunned and developed a lot interest in reading since I starting reading this book. I would love it if the author Liz Pichon would write more series on this book, I always read Tom gates. It is even so, interesting that when I have finished the book I want to read it all over again.

    Thank you for this amazing, and stunning book which has helped me to understand that reading is important,

    5out of 5
  36. Avatar owl 761790

    on 25 September 2014

    This book is really cool at the start but when you finish it, you really don’t want to leave it!

    My favrouite charrector is probabally Marcus beacause he said to Tom and Tom’s best friend Derek “You should call your band the TOTAL losers!!”

    I vote it 10/10

    I also like it because he draws on it!

    5out of 5
  37. Avatar owl 761790

    on 2 September 2014

    It is so much better than wimpy kid. I can’t wait to read the rest

    5out of 5
  38. Avatar owl 761790

    on 27 August 2014

    this book is amazing can’t wait to read the others

    4out of 5
  39. Monkey 113537

    on 14 June 2014


    4out of 5
  40. Hayley 113303

    on 14 June 2014

    I like the style of how this book is written for example Amy potter is wrote really bold so it stands out because tom likes her. He likes her because she’s smart and he like to sit next to her so he can copy her work to get all of his answers write. I’ve read at least 4 or 5 tom gates book I love them that much!!! I loved it when Delia’s hair turned green and she didn’t want to leave her room or play with her friends!!!!!! When it was the fossils 60th anniversary and they had a picture taken which turned out wrong so tom’s dad changed and made it look like everyone was smiling especially Delia. Without telling anybody he sent the wrong picture to the fossils and luckily they loved it. That’s what I loved in one of the tom gates book as well as the doodles. A really good idea in one of the books to make a little flick book of a bug dancing in the corner of the page.

    5out of 5
  41. Default avatar 807810

    on 18 May 2014

    I can’t believe Tom only live 4 minutes away from school and he’s often late , I can’t believe it I live 10 to 15 minutes to school and I am never late

  42. Horridhenry thumb 16

    on 11 May 2014

    I love this book it’s amazing I mean with the amazing pictures dumb Marcus.THIS IS OFFICALLY THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!.By the way i have a older sister named Sabeen,and she’s just like Delia she’s afraid of dogs

    5out of 5
  43. Goldie 113308

    on 1 May 2014

    It was funny and awesome I think people should read this book and go ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!LLOOLL!!

    5out of 5
  44. Avatar robot 761806

    on 26 March 2014

    In this book they said a word like sweets (wafers) and they put a picture of the wafers next to the words. This makes it much more interesting and fun to read. The story was quite funny too.

  45. Fairy thumb 11

    on 9 March 2014

    I loved this book I saw my friend reading it so she let me read it and I loved it it was superb tastic if u like diary of the wimpy kid or dork diarys u might want to try this book out its wonderfull and very descriptive

  46. 39c logo fullcolor 113549

    on 9 March 2014

    Cool book

  47. Croc 113527

    on 8 March 2014

    I woud highly recommend this book

  48. Avatar owl 761790

    on 8 March 2014

    BRILLIANT!!! I loved this book.

  49. Clarice thumb 136

    on 6 March 2014

    this book is so awesome.

  50. Avatar lion 761782

    on 5 March 2014

    I read this book and I liked it very much but it wasn’t getting my attention to read on and on if you know what I mean

  51. Hayley 113303

    on 5 March 2014

    Again this book is very enjoyable to read I live Tom gates books

    5out of 5
  52. Avatar owl 761790

    on 4 March 2014

    This is the first book in the seiries and is a great way to introduce Tom gates.

  53. Avatar fairy 761766

    on 31 December 2013

    I really want to read the next book. It took me only 2 days 2 read the book coz it was so good and i couldnt put it down

    5out of 5
  54. Bellasara 113282

    on 13 December 2013

    If u love art and funny story’s than this books for u . if has a funny meaning so READ IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it so u will all my friends say its 10/10 or 9/10 no one said 1/10 or 2/10 . you buy it in whsmith and bookpeople or here ok . I’l say the beginning is cool and easy to read and the end is like you don’t want to leave the book. I promise you you will not be disopointed ok . I love it so much. There are more of them and there called Exelent Exuses, sorry I forgot the rest. Any people like me who has read them co read em or them. I love writing on laptop so fun!!!!!!!!! if u love Tom gates u will love dork diarys and david walliams. I vote the book out of 10 10 because it has a meaning and I love funny books. BYE ohh and buy the book ta ta !!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  55. Monkey 113537

    on 17 November 2013

    This is such a cool book. Tom is a very naughty boy by not doing his homework and making up excuses. He also annoys his sister Delia and finds it fun. He loves sitting next to this girl in his class called Amy and hates the person on the other side of him marcus meldrew the most annoying boy in his class. Cant wait to read the next book :)

    5out of 5
  56. Avatar cat 761729

    on 25 June 2013

    I think it was good I read 2 whole tom gates books. he’s awesome!

    5out of 5
  57. Avatar owl 761790

    on 26 March 2013

    i am going to read this book after i read my other tom gates book i can`t wait !!!!

    5out of 5
  58. Default avatar

    on 8 March 2013

    This book is very funny and Is different from other books

  59. Pearl 113298

    on 7 March 2013

    this book is funny. you should read this book and put it at the top of “must by” list.

    5out of 5
  60. Default avatar

    on 7 March 2013


  61. Pirate2small 108060

    on 5 March 2013

    me and my friend read this book together it is a very interesting book

  62. Love stargirl 113412

    on 4 March 2013

    very good very funny,one of my top 10

  63. Default avatar

    on 20 February 2013

    10000% funny!!

    4out of 5
  64. 39c logo fullcolor 113549

    on 14 February 2013


  65. Default avatar

    on 5 November 2012

    I loved this book so much! If you like funny, diary type books then you would LOVE this book! Soooooo good

    5out of 5
  66. Avatar owl 761790

    on 12 September 2012

    i thought it was a fantastic book and want to read the others i finshed the book within to days because i because i was reading it all the time!

    5out of 5
  67. Flat stanley thumb 225

    on 3 July 2012

    I thought that the book was brilliant and it inspired me to get the other ones and i did and now i have read all of the book and i hope their will be more of them.

    this is the best book ever and can not be beaten it can only be beaten if there is a new tom gates book that better maybe.But other than that it can’t be beat.

    5out of 5
  68. Default avatar

    on 30 June 2012

    This book is sooooo good so I added it to my best books in my details list. I have all the others and are half way through reading them.

    5out of 5
  69. Avatar owl 761790

    on 24 April 2012

    Just like it says on the cover: ‘read it and go ha ha ha’ Tom is so funny. Marcus really gets on his nerves a lot and he got on my nerves when i was reading it as-well!!! I thought it was brilliant! Too good to describe!!

  70. Evie 113313

    on 2 March 2012

    a lovely book

  71. Gruffalo 113679

    on 24 February 2012

    this book is so funny. i would recomend it to any one who likes funny stuff.this book is best suited for 7 to 13 years olds. it is a book which you can get stuck into very quickly and would be great for a bedtime story’ one chapter a night.

  72. Default avatar

    on 9 January 2012

    My favourite part was at the Dude3 concert when Tom was begging for tickets when all of a sudden Mr Fullerman, Teacher of class 5F (Tom’s Class) comes along. Up until this point Tom thought that teachers didnt have a life.

    My favourite character was Granny because she made many wacky meals for Tom and his family. My least favourite character was Kevin because he was always mocking the Gates family.

    I rate this book 9/10, I would love to read other Tom Gates books because they are well in the league of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which I greatly love!!!

    Ben, age 11

    Tom Gates his teachers do not have their eyes on him he likes to draw pictures of his sister and ways to really really annoy her. His teachers think he is really distracted and “lacks focus” even though he thinks is a bit harsh because he sometimes concentrates but only when it comes to biscuits. He discovers one of his teachers has a moustache which is very weird because it is a LADY!!!!! So in front of her and the class instead of calling her Miss Worthing he calls her Miss Worthing-tash!!!! It was so embarrassing for him!!

        This is a very amusing book and should be read by everyone!!!!

    I think this book is for ages : 9-11. This book is both for boys and girls.

    Charlotte, age 10

    5out of 5
  73. Avatar bat 761713

    on 27 November 2011

    LOL i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LO0VE, LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book.Amazing DEFFO 5* ( 5 stars )

    5out of 5
  74. Love stargirl 113412

    on 10 October 2011

    this book is awesome

    5out of 5