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Story Stage

Story Stage is a collaborative interactive and highly creative puppet-based literacy resource encouraging groups or pairs of children to work together around a computer to create their own imaginative retellings of traditional stories.

Each CD-ROM offers a different storytelling environment in which up to four children can contribute equally during planning, rehearsal and performance of their work… with each pupil using their own mouse.

The following built-in features enable children to bring their performances to life:

  • Animated character puppets that are easy to control
  • Props and backgrounds
  • Delightful sound effects, ambient music and “magic” effects
  • Backstage controls such as lighting, sound and stage curtains
  • Audio recording facilities that enable pupils to give their work a truly personalised voice
  • Showcase Gallery of pupils’ saved work to encourage reviewing and self/peer assessment
  • Fully narrated ebook version of the story for whole class familiarisation and text interrogation

And the more Story Stage titles you install, the greater opportunities for creativity as children ‘pick and mix’ characters, props and sounds from different stories.


Can more than one pupil really work on Story Stage at the same time?

Yes! Story Stage is an innovative new product that enables up to four pupils to work on the same PC at the same time. Each pupil can interact with the Story Stage content (puppets, props etc) using their own mouse.