Hetty Feather

Suitable for 8 - 11 years

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In London, 1876, tiny baby Hetty Feather is abandoned at the Foundling Hospital. She is sent to live in the countryside with two foster-brothers, Jem and Gideon, helping in the fields and playing imaginary games. Together the three sneak off to the travelling circus, where Hetty is mesmerised by the show – especially by Madame Adeline and her performing horses! Hetty’s happiness is threatened when she is returned to the Foundling Hospital. The life of awful uniforms and terrible food is a real struggle. But now Hetty finally has the chance to track down her missing mother. Could she really be the wonderful Madame Adeline? Or will the truth be even more surprising? A heart-tugging story of secrets and surprises from blockbuster author Jacqueline Wilson, introducing a feisty heroine who lives in historical times.

“The story gripped me completely” Kate Kellaway, Guardian

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Catalogue number

2406 in Education Catalogue 2023–24






Yearling (imprint of Random House Children's Books)

Date published

October 4th, 2010

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Accelerated Reader

AR book level: 5.1; Middle years; 13.0 points

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  • 392 pages



UK edition

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Jacqueline Wilson

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What kids think

  1. rexredrose
    on 15 October 2022

    I love this book its full of drama humor days in the country side run aways what more can you want

  2. Kittyluv
    on 6 February 2021

    I love this book because there are so many interesting parts in there. My favourite part is at the end when Hetty and the boy runoff to the cinemas although the carer said no. This shows that they have true love to each other and they are actually able to do things together. Hetty is a really clever and thoughtful girl who loves to try things she has never done before. On account of my review I give this book 5 stars.

    5out of 5
  3. sparklyrainbow1223
    on 21 April 2020

    I loved this book because there were sad moments but most of the time they picked up like when Hetty got fostered and then they had to go back to the hospital that was sad but then Hetty has made some friends.

    5out of 5
  4. steph11cool
    on 26 January 2017

    this book is amazing the best story ever

    5out of 5
  5. rainbowgeekgirl
    on 5 November 2016

    So, I have not actually read this book, but I am a big fan of the TV show on CBBC and I also saw the stage production. So yes, I would recommend this book to any 9 – 12 year old girl!

    4out of 5
  6. puppydog2
    on 20 July 2016

    I LOVED it. It was really cool the way that when she was left in the foundling hospital that she was able to get into the boys part!

  7. missross1
    on 5 July 2016

    This is a meaningful, Amazing, Brilliant and So interesting!

    5out of 5
  8. hetty-feather98
    on 20 June 2016

    i love it

  9. Ravenclawcat
    on 6 May 2016

    I have got this book at home, and I’m starting to read it. I love watching Hetty Feather, and that there are going to be loads of new epesodes of it coming out in the 10th of May 2016. Will she be able to escape the nasty foundling hospital???

    5out of 5
  10. youfoundme27
    on 29 April 2016

    apsaloutley amazing!! SPOILER ALEART!!! its so sweet that she finds her mother is Ida! SPOILER HAS FINISHED!! if you have not yet read this book I reccomend it too you if you are not squeemish and if you can take a bit of a sad story! thanks for reading this and please check out my page if u wanna!

    5out of 5
  11. sanjayizawesome
    on 11 January 2016

    I love the way it is set in Victoria time . It makes it way more interesting. This book kept me in suspense till the very end ! :)

    5out of 5
  12. bright303
    on 6 January 2016

    Love this book. My friend started reading it before me but I still finished before her! She’s on chapter 10. I knew what the ending would be but cool to see what the bold Hetty Feather (or what her real name is later on in the book) does and finds out. (My longest review!)

    5out of 5
  13. sloth
    on 14 August 2015

    this book is brilliant i love it so much, i love the bit at the start where hetty is just enjoyed her life as a small child then she grew up and went.at the end hetty finds her mum and it is a HAPPY ENDING LIKE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  14. Funky-girl80
    on 28 March 2015

    I watched this at the theatre at Trafaligus Square! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  15. Katyperry
    on 31 January 2015

    This is an amazing book written by my favourite author Jacqueline Wilson A great book for anyone who’s interested in the victorian time

    5out of 5
  16. Fiona-Read
    on 18 April 2014

    I loved this book. It was a gripping read and I was really glued to it. I didn’t really like Hetty’s personality though, because she loses A LOT because of her temper. She lost a position, she lost a a friend – because she doesn’t have a lid for her temper (find out more on second and third book!). The worst character that appeared in this book I think is Sheila. She is such a big bully and does something horrendous at the beginning of ‘Sapphire Battersea’ (I personally think that she did it on purpose). Anyway, it is a highly-recommended book and a great read. You will learn something after reading it – promise.

    5out of 5
  17. Book-Lover1234
    on 9 March 2014

    I, personally, didn’t enjoy Hetty Feather nor did the rest of my family. I had tried to read it twice but I just found a bit too boring for my liking.

  18. crazykitty
    on 9 March 2014

    I felt really sorry for hetty she was abandoned when she was a baby she went to live with another family and then got taken away from them as well its really sad

  19. alibaba4
    on 8 March 2014

    A sad but interesting read

    4out of 5
  20. books2000
    on 8 March 2014

    its good

  21. bookworm823
    on 7 March 2014

    Fantastic – I loved this book so much

  22. bookaholic202
    on 6 March 2014

    It is so sad how Hetty is unfairly treated because she is a foundling.

  23. Animals40
    on 6 March 2014

    Jacqueline Wilson is my 2nd favourite author. I lovvvvvvvveeeeeeee her Hetty Feather boooooooooookkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. roseyclo
    on 6 March 2014

    very good.

  25. Readingwizard55
    on 6 March 2014

    This book is gripping as you start to read the first page. I would definatly recommend this book as it even made me shed a tear. A must read.

    5out of 5
  26. Cheerforevers
    on 6 March 2014

    This book is about a girl called jetty feather who lives in a foundling hospital.

  27. Celine1
    on 5 March 2014

    This book is brilliant so touching and alarming its brilliant and funny and I love jaqueline wilson

  28. Spidergirl
    on 5 March 2014

    An interesting book

    4out of 5
  29. Booklover0109
    on 5 March 2014

    This book is a page turner and must be my fav book ever!!!!!!!!

  30. bookworm3038
    on 17 February 2014

    this book just wouldnt stop looking at me i kept reading it and reading it till the end it was funny a bit good and really sad but i loved it a lot because i am a Jacqueline Wilson fan!!!!!

    4out of 5
  31. laiby11
    on 29 December 2013

    it’s extremely girly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think it’s sort of good but i didn’t enjoy it. it’s quite dull!!!!!!!!!!!! from laiba

    1out of 5
  32. HettyFeather123
    on 21 December 2013

    I couldn’t put it down as soon as I started

    5out of 5
  33. katiebookworm
    on 7 December 2013

    It is absolutely AMAZING!!! Great book to read and suitable for all ages above 8 years. It was fantastic!

    5out of 5
  34. hettyfeather2010
    on 17 November 2013

    I thought hetty feather was an exelent read I love how it is set and finding out how it was to live in the foundling hospital i also like ida ihave also read saphire battersea ,emerald star and diamond i think there my favourite books iwould give each one 5 stars * * * * *

  35. selenater
    on 13 October 2013

    i loved this book it is amazing

    5out of 5
  36. chazywazy101
    on 3 September 2013

    I Think Hetty Feather by Jaqueline Wilson is a great book. I love it when her and her friend Polly in the foundling hospital picture things at their Playtime. Jem is really kind to Hetty and sneaks her into the curcis. Gideon and Hetty make a right pair.!!

    This is a great book I thing everyone should read it.

    5out of 5
  37. tilly7373
    on 24 April 2013


    5out of 5
  38. agentab
    on 18 April 2013


  39. jadecherry123
    on 11 March 2013

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo upesting it’s horrid when she goes to the hospital . It’s hard to belive emrald is hetty

    5out of 5
  40. Too-Amazayn
    on 9 March 2013

    Jacqueline Wilson is THE author to go to when looking for a good book for young girls

  41. samcharlie123
    on 8 March 2013

    The first book in the Hetty Feather series. I love this book so much – I’ve probably read it at least 10 times.

    5out of 5
  42. KarlMagic33
    on 8 March 2013

    Really Good!

  43. bugzy72
    on 7 March 2013

    its a good book

  44. TwilightTeamEdward
    on 5 March 2013

    I love this book.

  45. Bookworm-mania101
    on 5 March 2013

    I love this book and I love JW

    3out of 5
  46. swimming10
    on 4 March 2013

    Loved It! Amazing!

  47. bouncybunny
    on 4 March 2013

    Sweetest book I hVe ever read I love hetty she so bold a d bright and small and cute and everthing .I wish I was more like hetty I more like polly my frirnds say I’m so quiet and shy its unbelieveable I liked this book it was good

  48. TheMileLongBookshelfBlog
    on 4 March 2013

    I give this book 5/5 because not only does it have a fantastic plot, but it also gives us an insight into the 1876 era. It’s interesting and exciting at the same time!

  49. Magicme11
    on 23 February 2013

    Great, great, great book!!!I love all four although I think this one was the Best!!!

    5out of 5
  50. bensgirl16
    on 18 November 2012

    this tyes with little darlings fave book

    5out of 5
  51. amy6868
    on 8 November 2012

    This book is absoulutely amazing. Im reading the second book sapphire battersea and im at the bit where hetty and bertie win a cocanut

    5out of 5
  52. madistar23
    on 29 August 2012

    The first of a great series!

  53. anakha
    on 6 July 2012

    It is one of my favourites books. ;) ;) ;)

  54. littledarling21
    on 30 June 2012

    It is such a touching tale all the miseries that hetty has been through it nearly made me cry actually this is the best gripping tale I have ever read by Jacky Wilson. I t is soooooo gripping I could not take my head out of the book my role model is definitely Jacqueline Wilson

    5out of 5
  55. bluebasher123
    on 10 March 2012

    couldn’t put it down for 3 days,really great and moving

  56. AmyXx
    on 6 March 2012

    Must read. I will say no more and let you see for yourself:’)

  57. indigobeam
    on 5 March 2012

    This is an absolute must-read! Moving, emotional and amazing.

  58. pilgrim55
    on 2 March 2012

    this is my favourite book lol

  59. lids
    on 2 March 2012

    this isa very touching book but is absoulotly amazing must read it and sapphire battersea

  60. AyshaM231299
    on 1 March 2012

    Hetty Feather is one of the most amazing books I have read in my life! Hetty Feather is a gorl who was brought up in a found;ing hospital and she is in search for her mum and there is this woman helping her but what she doesnot know is that the person who is helping her is her rea mum!

  61. salihah2000
    on 12 February 2012

    THis is one my favourites its story line is so touching

  62. raspberrybecky
    on 29 January 2012

    a heart breaking story of a little girl in search of her mother and just like Tracy Beacker she is has a bad temper, when she thinks she found her mum she is disiponted but in the end she finds her at last, she has been there the hole time…

    5out of 5
  63. Book-Club-Review-Team
    on 3 January 2012

    Thanks for pointing out the quiz error Princess Luvlie – all sorted now!

  64. thiqueyoon
    on 10 December 2011

    Jacqueline Wilson strikes once again in this appealing and exciting story set in the 1800s. About an abandoned orphan girl with a temper as fiery as her red hair, Hetty Feather learns a great many lessons in her adventure towards growing up. A thrilling read!

    5out of 5
  65. Cupcakekid11
    on 5 December 2011

    This book is fantastic – definitely my favourite book by Jacquilene Wilson! :D

    5out of 5
  66. loi77
    on 24 November 2011

    Amazing my favourite book, a must read!

    5out of 5
  67. Vicky2345
    on 19 November 2011

    I loved this book. I found it a bit unrealistic but i still loved it

  68. missmickeymouse11
    on 30 October 2011

    I think this book it amazing, all those people who say it’s boring at the start are wrong because this is a really good book from start to end love it !!!

  69. JW1945
    on 29 October 2011

    I love this book.

    5out of 5
  70. Sunset
    on 22 October 2011

    The Book was fab! I loved it! ♥

    I cant wait to read the sequel, Sapphire Battersea. x

    If your a JW fan, you will enjoy this book :)

    5out of 5
  71. ab52725
    on 20 September 2011

    It was so borring at first but after a few pages it OMG!

    5out of 5
  72. Robbiegrowler
    on 18 September 2011

    i want 2 read

  73. amy07011
    on 14 September 2011

    I started reading this book and thought “Argh it looks boring” but I got to about page 40 and was like “OH MY GOD! LOVE IT!”

    5out of 5
  74. Ilovebooks99
    on 27 August 2011

    One word for it…..... AMAZING!♥

    5out of 5
  75. Android
    on 25 July 2011

    Thrilling, exciting, sad and touching what could be better!!! I hope there is a sequel!!!

    5out of 5
  76. flossy1998
    on 16 July 2011

    Hetty Feather aka Sapphire Battersea this is part1 it’s soo … GOOD i hope she marries Gideon is Sapphire Battersea.

    3out of 5
  77. Diver1
    on 9 July 2011

    This was a great book!-A must read !

    4out of 5
  78. ilovebooks789
    on 17 June 2011

    i love this book, though in a dramatic way.

    5out of 5
  79. phia3008
    on 3 June 2011

    hi everyone i have seen this book in a few shops and it looks very good. i’m a huge jacqueline wilson fan. from phia3008 x

  80. xxbookloverxx
    on 16 May 2011

    very very very very good and interesting i can’t wait for the second one Sapphire Battersea !

    5out of 5
  81. tinktink999
    on 15 May 2011

    This is a historical moving book. JW lovers,will have this book as one of their favs. So will any other girl.

  82. jacqueline1
    on 17 April 2011

    i loved it! im glad that hetty finds her true mother! i have read the whole book and i think i want to red it all way through again!

  83. gemma12387
    on 17 March 2011

    i have 2 get into it but it is good so far!!!

  84. cherry17
    on 3 March 2011

    After I read half of the book I was completly hooked. It was amazing I even read it twice great story and wonderfull detail! Well done Jacqueline Wilson.

    5out of 5
  85. kelandab
    on 3 March 2011

    This book is the longest book I have ever read but as I love reading I wanted to read a thick book and it took ages!!! But it was really good!!

    5out of 5
  86. gethi
    on 3 March 2011

    I feel so sorry Hetty. I hate the matron!

    5out of 5
  87. cookie1311
    on 27 February 2011

    Hetty feather is a very good book about a girl called Hetty feather. it is set in the Victorian times. Hetty feather was put into care her unknown mother. But no one know’s who it is. Hetty escapes from her foster parents to a circus and meets a wondrous woman called madame adeline. Hetty thinks this is her mother but soon finds out that she is not. do you think Hetty will find her real mother in the end?

  88. Meg10
    on 16 February 2011

    This book was really fantastic! I really enjoyed reading it! I definitely rate this as a top read, loved it, 5 stars!!

    5out of 5
  89. cocoa84100
    on 6 February 2011

    im sure i will love it if it is by jaquiline wilson

  90. sparklestar15
    on 17 January 2011

    I haven’t read this book but the heading looks interesting.

  91. wahida3
    on 30 December 2010

    This is my FAVOURITE book!:)

    4out of 5
  92. coolchick
    on 29 December 2010

    Hetty Feather is absoloutley amazing I could not put it down even when I did I started reading it again. It alows you to see what it would have been like for children then. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  93. hannahmontanna666
    on 23 December 2010

    This is such a page turner. I enjoyed finding out about the foundling hospital in victorian times.

  94. emily6
    on 21 December 2010

    This it a realy good book. It shows what life could have beenlike in victorian times. Jacquline Wilson is a expirienced writer!

    Oh I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Molly13579
    on 8 December 2010

    I loved this book. I hope to read more Jacquline Wilson books Kim Rawlings

  96. pawprint2
    on 2 December 2010

    This book is….......... aswome i love it.My fave character was Jem.He was so nice and patinte with Hetty.Actuly I take that back he beytrayed hetty so my fave character is….....Ida or Hetty.

    5out of 5
  97. sadaf
    on 28 November 2010

    i think that this book is one of the most emtional and comedy packed book there is. i love the character of hetty how she ends up in trouble and how it feel to be stuck somewhere you dont have your friends parents or brothers and sisters. i feel sorry for hetty because her brothers dont speak to her her sister forgets her she has her own friends. this book is 1 of the best books i have every read.

    5out of 5
    on 17 November 2010

    This has to be my FAVOURITE BOOK EVER!! I really enjoyed it. It was really exciting and tense. Jacqueline Wilson keeps getting on better and better!!=)

  99. Horsemad123
    on 10 November 2010

    I loved this book!!! It was sad and moving, Jaqueline Wilson is one of the best Authors EVER!

    5out of 5
  100. smileyface2478
    on 31 October 2010

    the best book ever

    5out of 5
  101. ilovelittledarlings
    on 12 October 2010

    i cried buckets when i read this ireally like jem

    4out of 5
  102. cookie4484
    on 3 October 2010

    this book is brilliant i could never stop reading it

  103. BELP123
    on 25 September 2010

    I thought it was a very good book and I admired Hetty’s way of picturing

    5out of 5
  104. fruitycat113
    on 25 September 2010


    5out of 5
  105. poppy100
    on 11 September 2010

    I think Hetty Feather is one of Jacqueline Wilsons best books. If you like books set in the past Hetty Feather is the book for you. There is hardship ,happenes and sadness in it. Have a read. Poppy100

    5out of 5
  106. BubbleGumChic14
    on 23 August 2010

    My nan bought me this book for Christmas and I finished it in two days!

    on 16 August 2010

    I thought it was a brilliant book when I was on holiday I couldn’t put it down it was really sad I could have cried it was that sad.

    5out of 5