Little Darlings

Suitable for 9 - 18 years

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Coming to TV soon – catch Sunset and Destiny on Sky Kids in February!

“I don’t know her, I don’t even know her name, and yet I don’t feel shy with her.”

Sunset lives a life of luxury. Her mum is a beautiful ex-model, her dad is a world-famous rock star and her little siblings are celebrities! But life on the red carpet is no compensation for arguing parents, media scrutiny, and having no real friends.

Destiny, on the other hand, lives on a rundown estate. She’s an only child with a sickly but devoted mum who constantly tells her she’s the daughter of a famous Rockstar.

When the two girls meet in unlikely circumstances, they find in each other something they’ve been missing all their lives.

“Topical, wise and, ultimately feel-good story from the mistress of the confessional genre.” – Frances Perkins

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Yearling (imprint of Random House Children's Books)

Date published

February 3rd, 2011

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Accelerated Reader

AR book level: 4.8; Middle years; 12.0 points

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  • 376 pages



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Jacqueline Wilson

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What kids think

  1. jewelies10
    on 21 January 2017

    It’s a new book of friendship and fun, but not everything is nicely spicy! Do Destiny and Sunset become besties forever? Does Destiny’s mum get her dreamy ‘Danny Life’? Find out now by reading ‘Little Darlings’ by legend author Jacqueline Wilson!!!

    5out of 5
  2. chorion
    on 11 December 2016

    it is a very very good book

    5out of 5
  3. Nikki28
    on 11 December 2016

    best book i have read

    5out of 5
  4. Poppet39cheer4
    on 12 November 2016

    This is my best book I have ever read!

    5out of 5
  5. Blossom-1
    on 2 September 2016

    I loved this book so much and it is the best book I have ever read.

    5out of 5
  6. evelizabeth
    on 20 August 2016

    i love this book there should be another book about the ending. destiny and sunset are bffs

    5out of 5
  7. Hetty2005
    on 7 July 2015

    really good and dramatic but might of been a bit better with a bit more of an ending.

    5out of 5
  8. Jemima7523
    on 20 June 2015

    The best jacquline Wilson book! A brilliant tale of two extremly different girls. Awsome book

  9. kiliandtauriel123
    on 2 April 2015

    I think this book is amazing! It has lots of drama and it is nice to see the bond between Sunset and Destiny. Also the end is a cliffhanger JW should definable write a squeal

    5out of 5
  10. loobyloulou123
    on 9 March 2014

    I read this book really good about to best buddies.I wish i could right books just as good as Jacqueline Wilson i would definitely recommend it to another person.

    5out of 5
  11. Book-Lover1234
    on 9 March 2014

    This is so cool. It’s my favourite book. It has a amazing plot.

  12. zippy123
    on 8 March 2014

    This is a great book :)

  13. books2000
    on 8 March 2014

    its good

  14. Potterfan7
    on 8 March 2014

    The love between the two girls at the end is stronger than steel, laugh and cry at this piece of art written by J. Wilson, DESTINY

  15. bookaholic202
    on 7 March 2014

    I thought it was great how the author made fame sound less appealing.

  16. bee100xxx
    on 6 March 2014

    Sunset lives in a glamorous home with a rock star dad and ex-model mum but still she is not happy and Destiny lives in a bunch of grotty old flats with her gorgeous mum but still she is not happy. These Girls are missing something and they did not know it until they met in the middle of the night one day…..

    5out of 5
  17. Booklover0109
    on 5 March 2014

    Love this book a lot like secrets…

  18. Spidergirl
    on 5 March 2014

    I like her books but when I read this this book I loved it, it is fun and interesting at the same time. Fab!

    4out of 5
  19. Cheerforevers
    on 5 March 2014

    This is about two twin sisters called destiny and sunset who do not know each other.

  20. JapaneseStar
    on 4 January 2014

    i thought it was really good thanks for being such a good author jacky next Vicky Angel my fav character was Sunset!

    5out of 5
  21. xoluchix
    on 2 January 2014

    this book is amazing. It is about 2 girls (who might be sisters) who become friends. One is rich and one is poor. It is about friendship, talents and love. I love this book. It I jam-packed with stuff and when I started reading it I couldn’t stop. I think I have read it a billion times and it has not gotten old. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You have to buy this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. cupcakes19
    on 1 January 2014

    its really awesome.Confusing at times but still great!!

    5out of 5
  23. mintymoo368
    on 29 December 2013

    Sunset and Destiny come from 2 totally different different backgrounds; Sunset has the paparazzi constantly snapping away. She lives in a luxurious villa and has all the toys, clothes and gadgets she could ever want. Her Dad (Danny Kilman) is a hansome rockstar and her Mum Suzi is a glamorous super model. But she is not happy. Destiny lives in a run down estate with her single mother who passionatly belives that the famous Danny Kilman is Destiny’s father, and when she is diagnosed with a severe illnes, she knows she has to find Danny ans somehow get him to remember her.

    5out of 5
  24. Chocolatelover10
    on 18 June 2013

    This book is an amazing read it’s so addictive I think Jacqueline Wilson is a great author.

    5out of 5
  25. Book16
    on 3 May 2013

    It’s one of my favourite books I would read it again really good😄

    5out of 5
  26. xxBookWormxx
    on 16 April 2013

    It is a sweet story about to step-sisters not the best JW book in my opion but it is a good book. I just I just liked it not loved

  27. tracybeaker10
    on 24 March 2013

    i really love this book i spend hours reading it i really am the biggest fan of jacqueline wilson!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  28. Too-Amazayn
    on 9 March 2013

    Jacqueline Wilson is THE author to go to when looking for a good book for young girls although to be honest her old stuff is a lot more interesting and meaning compared to the new. but I did find this one interesting,

  29. samcharlie123
    on 8 March 2013

    A story about 2 sisters who have totally different lives! One is living with her famous dad, the other with her mum.

    5out of 5
  30. KarlMagic33
    on 7 March 2013

    Really Good!

  31. ellie-melay27
    on 7 March 2013

    really good book! i love jacqueline wilson a lot! she is one of my favourite authors. this book 5/5. i remeber buying this book in like year 3 or 4 and then evry one in my class kept wanting to borrow it lool

  32. bugzy72
    on 7 March 2013

    its a good book

  33. hameelah786
    on 5 March 2013

    Jacqueline Wilson is a brilliant auto who wrote a fantastic book it is the best book i will ever read 5/5

    5out of 5
  34. taylalol
    on 4 March 2013

    I cant believe they were sisters all along

  35. princessstarlet
    on 4 March 2013

    it was really good and so interesting aswell

  36. a11timehorses
    on 4 March 2013

    this book is awesome

  37. stupendousteen
    on 4 March 2013

    great drama book

    5out of 5
  38. Sherlock25
    on 4 March 2013

    This isn’t one of my favourite Jacqueline Wilson books but it is still a great read, I recommend it to those who are needing that extra bit of confidence :)

  39. TheMileLongBookshelfBlog
    on 4 March 2013

    I was so happy when this book was published because it’s exactly the kind of story I like reading. 5/5, it’s amazing!

  40. Emster123
    on 5 February 2013

    I have just finished this book and loved it!! I thought it would be a bit hard understanding standing this book because it kept swapping characters each chapter and I might get a bit confused! But I defiantly didn’t find it with this book at all. The two main characters, Sunset and Destiny, were two completely different characters in the beginning and then in the middle they became very alike and close. I truly love this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves an exciting, dramatic and a bit of a sad book! But maybe for older readers though! X

    5out of 5
  41. booklover-2004
    on 15 November 2012

    I love this book and when they cross two completly diffrent families.I reccomed it

  42. amylou215
    on 8 October 2012

    i absolutely loved this book. I love the story, i love the mix-ups between the families and i love all the characters in it. If you have no read this and you’re a jacqueline wilson fan, then you desperately need to read it!

    5out of 5
  43. andrex13
    on 16 September 2012

    i loved this book it was about how her mum had her with her dad but then she got married to some one else

    5out of 5
  44. madistar23
    on 29 August 2012

    Loved the views of the two sisters. Great book!

  45. book-monkey1
    on 3 August 2012

    I really liked this book because it was moving,funny,heart warming and amzing. i love this authors books and wish i had a talent of singing like Destiny in the book so i give it a 5 stars

    5out of 5
  46. Courtney16
    on 18 May 2012

    This book is one of the best Jacueline wilson books i have read!! All of Jacqueline wilson book are great but this one is one of the best ever books! It just seemed like it was so real which is really good.This book is bascailly about Sunset has a fabulous life because her dad is a famous rock star. Destiny is the only child and its just her and her mum. Destiny’s mum keeps telling Destiny that her dad is Danny Kilman witch is Sunset’s dad.

    5out of 5
  47. lemonade123
    on 12 May 2012

    i have read it thousands of times! This is one of Jacquelines best :) OF COURSE, 5 STARS LOVED IT! *

  48. holly2002
    on 20 April 2012

    this book is about to difrent people that are atchely step sisters

    5out of 5
    on 18 March 2012

    This book is about 2 very different girls, Destiny and Sunset. Destiny lives on a small estate in a tiny flat with her mother. Her life is the complete opposite of Sunset’s. Sunset lives with her model mum, her rockstar dad, her cute celebrity sister and her cute celebrity brother. The red carpet is like a home to her. But one day the 2 girls meet. Destiny spills an exciting secret she has known for years and her mum has constantly reminded her about. The girls share the same rich father and are long-distance sisters! As Sunset starts to soak it all in, she listens to her mum and dad fight, she wonders if she will ever have a happily ever after ending…

    5out of 5
  50. bluebasher123
    on 10 March 2012

    great book really moving

  51. ememrules
    on 10 March 2012

    I am reading this book at the moment and its brilliant. It is a bit chunky but thats a good thing because you can enjoy it for longer. I recomend this book to the fans of Jacqueline Wilson.

    5out of 5
  52. AmyXx
    on 6 March 2012

    Deadly book! Really enjoyed reading it.

  53. www-hello-com
    on 5 March 2012

    Little Darlings is a really intresting book as it is about two totally different girls who end up together!

    5out of 5
  54. Bookworm81
    on 4 March 2012

    I bought this book by the worlds best author, Jacqueline Wilson yesterday and have so far read the first chapter and it was a really good first chapter, I can’t wait to read the second chapter.

    5out of 5
  55. la1397
    on 3 March 2012

    I got little darling as a birthday present a few years ago, and I remember reading it, and thinking how great it was. And when ir read it for a second time, I thought I might have grown out of the story as the characters are younger than me, but I loved them all the same. I loved how the characters had two completely seperate lives, and how somehow they knew they had this amazing connection. But, of course, I won’t reveal the plot line, that would ruin this amazing book!

  56. aeroaeromonkey
    on 1 March 2012

    Soooooo good its so happy.

    5out of 5
  57. ToxicTiger
    on 1 March 2012

    Little Darlings is about 2 girls, Sunset and Destiny, who’s worlds are wide apart. But when they meet, they know they’ve known each other all their lives. A big secret is about to come out!

  58. indigobeam
    on 29 February 2012

    This book is so unique. It has a story that has been featured in other books, portrayed in different ways of course but the same basic plot, yet Wilson has made it unique in its own way. It has well-written characters, well described settings and is brilliantly written. I highly recommend it, it is un-miss able and un-put-down able.

    5out of 5
  59. salimisra
    on 29 February 2012


    5out of 5
  60. diaryofawimpykid16
    on 26 February 2012

    my friend gave this to me to read and it was so good!

  61. saraah4lyf
    on 4 February 2012

    I found it very intresting I liked it well kind of

  62. lily2000
    on 26 November 2011


    5out of 5
  63. Meemz
    on 17 November 2011

    I really love this book since Jacqueline Wilson is one of my favorite authors but about how Sunset and Destiny’s friendship strengthened so quickly.

    5out of 5
  64. Izzwizz555
    on 19 October 2011

    It is a really good book!

  65. marshmallow1234
    on 15 October 2011

    hi guys/girls

    this book is aimed at girls (SO DEFINETLY READ IT GIRLS)

    It is about a girl called Destiny and she lives with her mum. her mum and dad got a divorce and her dad married another lady. when the day comes Destiney and her mum go to her dads house but as he is a popstar they are very quiet. the dad never has a chance to see the mum and destiny but his other daughter called sunset and sunsets mother do. sunsets mother HATES desiny and her mother so they get told to go away. i wont tell you anymore now so if you buy the book you will have some suprises!!!!!!

    written by stuee246

  66. Habzz
    on 5 October 2011

    i haven’t read this but would really like to because it looks REALLY REALLY INTERESTING… i might buy this book now!!! hope to get it and read it!!!

  67. migit1
    on 30 September 2011

    great book. probably the best jackie has written

  68. izzyhan
    on 25 September 2011

    this book is sooo good it is about a mum with one daughter who is called desteny and she thinks she is sisters with a popstars daughter. read it :)

  69. amy07011
    on 14 September 2011

    An absolutely amazing book!! One of the best ones Jacky has written!! Would read this again any day!!!!

    5out of 5
  70. fatlad
    on 13 September 2011

    this book is one of my fave books everwritten apart from Hetty Feather. This book is fab because you can see the story from both pionts of veiw

  71. Ilovebooks99
    on 8 September 2011

    Loved it!!♥♥♥♥

    5out of 5
  72. Molly13579
    on 15 August 2011

    Hi, This is my favourite book by Jacquline wilson. I love this book. From Kim

  73. Kristgsea-Pelster
    on 7 August 2011

    This is an AMAZING book. I recoomed everyone reads it xx

    5out of 5
  74. adie6mystorylover
    on 1 August 2011

    best book really interesting!

    5out of 5
  75. Playfulpuppy56
    on 8 July 2011

    I think this book is brill!!!

    5out of 5
  76. pingudasiy1
    on 6 July 2011

    This book is so good i read it at school when i was in year 6 im now in year eight but its brill!

    5out of 5
  77. elliebob
    on 22 June 2011

    Really good book, i suggest this to other teens

  78. Precious22
    on 19 June 2011

    This book is so far amazing i love it!!!! Jacqueline Wilson writes the best books

    5out of 5
  79. readingmad2star
    on 10 June 2011

    this will make you cry!I did a quiz on jacky mag… and i’d best suit destiny. for a friend! 5 out 5

    5out of 5
  80. heartsimi2000
    on 7 June 2011

    It is an absolutely beautiful heartwarming story about a girl who hasnt ever met her dad and it is a race for her to find out who her dad is however on the other side of the country is his present wife who is trying to keep him and the Kids away…..

    5out of 5
  81. mimis642
    on 2 June 2011

    wow soo sad wen dad aint wanna see mum or daughter xxx

    5out of 5
  82. geekiestgleek
    on 17 May 2011

    I would really reccomend to Jacky Wilson fans. I read this in 3 days and met her for her book signing.

    5out of 5
  83. KatnissIsMyIdol
    on 4 May 2011

    i realy enjoyed this because Destiny and Sunset really get to know each other

    It is all about living to your own wits the kids understand freindship more and the parents well they just ARGUE!

    even so i think people aged 9 to 12 should like it.

  84. Malaika
    on 29 April 2011

    my friend has read this book she borrowed it from thelibrary and she said it was good

  85. rockyrainbow
    on 24 April 2011

    I LOVE THIS BOOK.Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down.This book is so good.If you like friendship books you should read it.

    5out of 5
  86. Clevernevergirl
    on 23 April 2011

    In Little Darlings two girls both daughters of Danny Kilman, old rockstar live apart and write in their journals (They don’t live together). In Sunset’s journal she writes about a movie premiere with Danny and Danny. Destiny writes about her sick mum and her namesake song which she sings in a school concert. So why don’t you read as well but some poarts makes me alone and sad but i don’t what u think soi have a go by reading this book

  87. Book-Club-Review-Team
    on 29 March 2011

    I’ve read Little Darlings and I love it so much! I never knew that Destiny and Sunset would be half-sisters and I think that Jacqueline Wilson added a twist to Little Darlings. I love it! My least favourite character was Sunset’s mother, Suzy, because she was so cruel. My favourite characters were Claudia and Destiny. Destiny because she was looking after her mum and she’s got an amazing voice and she didn’t give up with her mum to look for her dad. Claudia because she looked after Sunset and Sunset’s sibilings when Suzy was in shock and when Suzy was meant to be looking after her own kids.

    I loved it!

    Safa, age 10

    5out of 5
  88. BookWorm2470
    on 27 March 2011

    This was a really REALLY good book. My favourite charector was Destiny, she was so cool! Mys friends read this and they loved it too! So please read this book, its SO GOOD!

  89. lanni3232
    on 5 March 2011

    i think this book is brillant i realy want to read it

    5out of 5
  90. angiestarr007
    on 4 March 2011

    love every aspect of this book it is such a great book

  91. starfish22
    on 4 March 2011

    i am really hopeing to read this book some time soon

  92. bl100
    on 4 March 2011

    This book is cool.

    5out of 5
  93. gizmogirl1999
    on 3 March 2011

    Like all Jaqueline Wilson books, Little Darlings is sure to impress! The story is told in turns, in each sister’s perspective every second chapter. Personally, I found Sunset a bit more interesting to read about, but I think this is because she was unique to JW’s characters, and Destiny wasn’t. This doesn’t make it a bad book, not at all! It is very true to life, and you can tell this is what Jaqueline Wilson sets out to do in her books.

    5out of 5
  94. SillyylliS
    on 3 March 2011

    personally i didn’t like this book. not a good book by jacqueline wilson

    1out of 5
  95. gethi
    on 3 March 2011

    It was a good book. I really liked destiny!

    5out of 5
  96. fizzpop01
    on 3 March 2011

    LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!! has ahappy ending

  97. UltimateBookWorm
    on 3 March 2011

    This book was brilliant! It hooks you from the start, you just want to read on!

    5out of 5
  98. teddybear99
    on 2 March 2011

    I loved this book!!!! :) I would Reccomend this if you havn’t read this yet :)

    5out of 5
  99. Lolo95
    on 1 March 2011

    GREAT GREAT GREAT! This book is about a family reunion with a half sister and her rock star dad. Must read Destiny is a very lucky girl.

    5out of 5
  100. liblloo
    on 26 February 2011

    i loved this book. I borrowed it from the library. Jaquline wilson books ecpecially .

    My faveourite character is destiny and mum because they never give upand they just keep on trying to fing destiny’s father Danny Kilman. My Favourite part of the book is were destiny and mum spend ages lokking for danny kilman so destiny can meet her father. I would say this book is for older readers because it is a very complicated book to read because one chapter destiny is talking and the next sunset is talking. My Overall rating of this book would be one hundred and fifty percent out of one hundred percent because i love this book very much.

    4out of 5
  101. magicpavi19
    on 24 February 2011

    this is one of the best books written by jacqueline wilsonso far and i am looking forwod to the book lily alone

  102. Bookwormloveshollister
    on 23 February 2011

    This book was in the middle between like and okay because it’s not her best one. It was interesting to see how much of a difference there is between a rich child and a poorer child. It was nice to see how powerful a friendship can be.

    3out of 5
  103. flossy1998
    on 23 February 2011

    The book is quite UNIQUE because , i never read a book like this before i dont want to give too much away but destiny is going to meet her dad in a very unusual way…. If you haven’t read this read it =] another one of Jacqueline Wilson’s thrillers i rec commend this book for any age so yea READ ITTT!!!

    4out of 5
  104. Lubby
    on 10 February 2011

    My friend as this book and it sounds pretty good so hopefully she’ll let me borrow it and i can read it and maybe give you my feed back! x

  105. Lili62272
    on 2 February 2011

    I think this book is amazing i absolutely loved it. Fantabulistic!

    5out of 5
  106. MadameJellyTots
    on 12 January 2011

    I liked the style of writing and the detailed accounts of two very different lives which are linked by unlikely circumstances. The only thing I didn’t like was the abrupt ending.

    4out of 5